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Most people have never had a meaningful conversation with an Insurance Agent. Many of my new clients were previously paying too much and were underinsured.

Hiring a new insurance agent might be one of the smartest decisions an independent consumer has ever made. Suppose you value customer service, and competitive pricing and only want to buy from reputable companies. In that case, you would likely be interested in working with an independent insurance agent.

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  • For your home, auto or business insurance we can usually offer better coverage for less money.

  • Is there something about your existing coverage that is lacking? We can tell you in seconds.

“Incredible service!! I appreciate the personal care that I received from Chuck. He was able to perfectly navigate which insurance vendors would serve my needs best and at the same time, save me hundreds of dollars a year!! In a world where “automation” is a driving force in most businesses, it is refreshing to know that I can get Chuck on the phone and have a “face-to-face” at anytime I need him – for me that’s priceless!”

Lorraine B, ★★★★★

Have you thought of working with a Colorado independent insurance agent?

If you are looking for the best insurance policy, it would be wise to understand that there is a considerable difference between the two main types of agents: independent and captive.

Independent Insurance Agents offer the following advantages over their captive counterparts:

  • Independent agents can get you insurance from many companies.
  • Independent agents have different options for their clients to help them in difficult situations. This can be an important feature if your company is facing financial challenges.
  • Independent agents can customize insurance policies to fit your needs.
  • Independent insurance agents work with many different companies and are not limited to only one source. That means there is a greater chance of stability.

  • Independent agents can help you find the right insurance without overcomplicating it.
  • Because Independent agents can pull quotes and policies from multiple carriers, they won’t steer you to a company with poor customer service.
  • They want to find the best possible provider for your needs so that you remain loyal and continue to work with them.

I would be happy to review your coverage, share my expertise and save you some money.


Happy Clients

Built one relationship at a time.


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In personal and commercial lines such as auto, home and business.

“Chuck Greenberg is a total pro. I have been using him for my insurance needs for well over 10 years. He is always available to answer my calls & emails. He gives me excellent advice and has saved me thousands in premiums savings since I have started entrusting my insurance needs to him. Looking forward to many more years of quality coverage and customer service. Thanks, Chuck!”

Harrison S, ★★★★★

“I’ve been with Chuck Greenburgh for 15 years. He promptly returns phone calls and takes immediate care of any insurance issues! He is also the agent for my husband and son. His outstanding excellence and professionalism has made insurance easy to take care of and we don’t have to worry!! He’s amazing and I can’t say enough good things!! I HIGHLY recommend him.”

“When I was dropped by one insurance company 6 years ago Chuck came to our rescue. He or his staff are ALWAYS there when I call and have been so supportive and understanding helping navigate my family’s insurance needs and consideration for the best price. Chuck genuinely cares and it is a pleasure doing business with him.”

Susannah Johnston, ★★★★★

“My mother has been working with Chuck for a number of years now. Being that my mom has had a positive experience throughout the years, I am beginning to work with him also. He was very professional and advised how I should move forward to begin with my insurance coverage while getting the best rate!”

“My husband and I have worked with Chuck for over 10 years. He has always proved to be extremely knowledgable and responsive to our questions and concerns. He helps us with all business and personal policies and works diligently and quickly on our behalf when dealing with claims and rates. We feel like old friends and would HIGHLY recommend him for all your insurance needs! Thank you for being so awesome, Chuck!”

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